For Anonymity at Scale

Welcome To ATOR

ATOR empowers the adoption and strength of the Tor network. ATOR proof-of-uptime and relay hardware allow users to earn passively while contributing to Tor.

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And receive recognition through ATOR

ATOR strengthens Tor with on-chain rewards. Contribute to internet anonymity as a Tor relay and receive ATOR through the Proof-of-Uptime protocol.

Building Obscurity

ATOR aims to grow the number of live Tor relays, strengthening the network to accommodate more volume


Tor relays, including ATOR's own hardware, can earn the ATOR token for encrypting and transmitting packets 

End-to-End Privacy

Relay registration is built for anonymity. Delegation means registration can be gas-less and does not expose IP. 


Through Immediate Tor Interoperability

Existing ToR Nodes

Incumbent Tor nodes can be whitelisted into ATOR Proof-of-Uptime.

Immediate Incentive

PoU enables whitelisted nodes to mine ATOR by doing what they already do.

Consumer privacy

The ATOR router will connect you to Tor on any network, including public WiFi

The ATOR Relay

Our relay hardware is immediately interoperable with PoU rewards and allows non-technical users to contribute to Tor and mine ATOR

Your Hardware Or


The ATOR Router

The ATOR router allows users to connect their consumer devices to Tor through a hotspot-like product.

Prototype live and demonstrated at ETH Denver, March 2023


Phase 1:
ERC20 Launch and PoC

1a: ERC20 Launch

1b: Tor Router and Relay Microcontroller PoC live at ETH Denver

1c: ATOR Labs LLC established, engineer onboarding 

Phase 2:
Integrating Tor with ERC20 Incentives

2a: Protocol to register a Tor relay with an ETH wallet

2b: Proof-of-Uptime rewards beta and live

Phase 3:
Transition to Independence

3a: Release of own router hardware

3b: Release of own relay hardware

3c: Transition to longer-term ATOR incentives

Phase 4:
LoRa and ATOR Services

4a: Release of ATOR Hidden Services, built on top of Tor

4b: Prototypes for ‘last-mile’ LoRa relays